Rodeo Drive – A mind boggling experience!

So here I was on a Sunday evening chilling out with my cousins. We suddenly planned to eat outside and as expected all the restaurants nearby were booked. Plus it was the day when Mumbai Indians were playing against Pune SuperGiants in IPL Finals! So all the bars and the pubs were packed.

Unexpected we came across this new place called Rodeo Drive on Zomato. It had good ratings and decided to try out this place. We booked a table and after shopping for an hour we reached the place.

It had a great ambiance and a very cozy feel to the place. The place has opened recently so luckily not many people were aware of it. We placed ourselves which was in perfect distance from the screen. The staff was amazing and friendly. We ordered a round of beers and some snacks. The bar tenders were super cool and made a drink for us which was off-menu.

Remeber the drink in The Big Lebowski? Yes! You have it right, White Russian. We had the urge to try it after watching the movie, so the bar tender made it for us. Now I know why Mr. Lebowski loves to drink it all the time. Go ahead give it a shot sometime.

white russian

So, Rodeo Drive is on the ground floor with this amazing bar ambience and on the 1st floor is another resturant which we discovered after a bit. This place was paradise for me. It had table soccer, bull ride and beer challenge table! Oh Man it was awesome!

We had a crazy time here and we were already high! It was a great night to remember and we hope to explore many more places in the coming times!


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