Food Truck Dubai

Food trucks in Dubai – An unexpected Visit!

I recently visited Dubai(my home away from home) and it did not disappoint me yet again! After being there for so many years, it still surprises me each time I visit the city. This time while visiting Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, we stumbled upon an awesome Food truck place in Dubai.

The food truck business is growing in the city and the number has tripled since last year. This place is just outside the city and one has to be careful about which exit to take. The signboards are clear and if you read them carefully, you do not have to drive a long distance to take a u-turn back to the city.

So the ambiance is AMAZIINGG!! It has the perfect Zombie Apocolypse type look. Everything is made from rustic and gears. I think it is best if pictures do the talking. Check them out below.

Food Truck Dubai

I guess you must have understood by now what I mean. Check out the interiors below:

Food Truck Dubai

Yea! I know how you feel by now. Getting to the food, we ordered burgers, milkshakes and throughly enjoyed the ambiance. So next time you are visiting Dubai, do not forget to visit this place!


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