Pa Pa Ya – A joyful Japanese Cuisine experience!


Known for: Asian cuisine

Cost: Rs. 2000 per person( approx)

Address: Level 3, Palladium Mall, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Rating: 3.5/5


Pa Pa Ya – An interesting name to an interesting concept. The place was full and as usual, we had to wait in a queue to get into the place. From outside, the place looked extremely welcoming and the people were polite. Once you enter the ambience really refreshes you. It is little dark, but the rustic look is somewhat a trend many restaurants are adopting these days.

Starting off with we ordered some really interesting starters. The cutlery is also Japanese, so do not expect any plates like we are used to seeing in the restaurants. There is an option of chopsticks or fork and knife. You can choose as per your choice. There are palate cleansers served after every course to cleanse your mouth and be ready for the next course.

The fun part was the wasabi. Since we were all new to the concept, wasabi was something we knew to stay away from or try in a small bit at a time. I took in a slightly more than I was supposed to and boom! It hit me so hard that I almost gave up on eating the rest of the night. But no, don’t worry it settles down after a while, but it is really punishing in the beginning.

The main course was absolutely smashing with amazing flavours and  ingredients. The place had good and soothing music a must try for the weekend. Try to book the place in advance so that there is no waiting later. The waiters are extremely polite and knowledgeable about the type of food you might enjoy eating. They suggest you exactly the same thing.

We were completely satisfied with the hospitality we experienced at the restaurant and hoping so see much more from the place during my next visit.




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